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 Our mission is to remove Stigma and the incorrect narrative of what it means to be a man in society. We inspire and empower men to speak up against the grain of false expectations to stop suffering in silence and suicide. Recovery is only a conversation away. 

We develop strategies, programs, support networks, education and inspiration to help men through their mental health struggles in life. Kaged Lions also creates quality products to raise awareness and to keep funding our cause. This will directly and indirectly show all men who may not have the confidence to speak up about their problems that they are not alone. To provide knowledge to men that there are people actively supporting them and give them the confidence to speak up instead of bottling up. When you wear the Kaged Lions logo you are a beacon of support for men experiencing mental illness.

We are making necessary breakthroughs in the mental health space. We are breaking down the stigma and changing the narrative around "Being a man". No more will we accept, "Suck it up, be a man and deal with your problems", "Showing emotion is for women, man up" or "She'll be right mate, its only in your head" as an acceptable response to men feeling or showing emotion. Men need to understand that its vital to support and feel supported in order to create a positive mental health culture. In turn men will know that it is okay to speak up about their problems and actively seek out help and support.

Why men? Well, Men just don't “do” health well. Men put off potential problems and overlook issues which they are facing as something that will pass. In conjunction with this, men are told how to behave and deal with their mental health challenges incorrectly. Men are lead to believe that it is not acceptable to show weakness or vulnerability by putting their hands up and admitting that they are experiencing difficulty in their lives. Men in Australia are 3 times more likely to commit suicide than women and in many cases have never been diagnosed with a mental illness. This shows that men still suffer from mental illness in silence and our aim is to stop this from occurring in future.

The worst thing that can happen to a man who is experiencing mental health problems is to feel unsupported and alone whilst battling with their mental health issues or for you to walk away from them in their time of need.


Understanding Men's Mental Health

Why don't men talk?


Here we talk about the difficulties men have trying to find the confidence to talk and why they bottle things up

Getting back on track


Some great ways to promote positive mental health and enjoy life

What you can do to help


The influence you have on somebody experiencing mental health problems when they look for support  is vital to their recovery. Find out how you can help here.



If you believe somebody is in need of urgent help or a risk of self harming or suicide contact Emergency 000 immediately or Lifeline Australia on 13 11 14 


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